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You've got rednering issues, you should think about eliminating pop-ups that cause them

Find the most common pop-ups should instead have their functionality nested into tabs. For example, using multiple monitors with different screen resolutions, importing a list from outlook causes a pop-up. That pop-up renders on the primary screen resolution and then struggles to adjust to new resolutions causing a COMING BOOK WHAM! to productivity. Especially since it's towards the end of the process, you have redo a bunch of stuff. 

Solution: Add it to the tab functionality within outlook, then you won't have the pop-up rendering issues. 

I'm not a dev though, so maybe that breaks everything else. Just an idea. 

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  • May 10 2019
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  • Admin
    Marlena Cahill commented
    5 Dec, 2023 08:19pm

    This has been resolved.

  • Admin
    Alisa Carbone commented
    14 May, 2019 03:10pm

    Hello and thank you for your idea.  We are aware of the rendering issue and our Development team is working on resolving it.