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Create a new button in the Subscriptions page for the poll/survey questions landing page

Right now, if an Admin wants to set up a landing page for survey responses only, they must go to Subscriptions>Opt-Out. The opt-out page is not a good user experience for someone trying to do this, as it is confusing why the opt-in/opt-out buttons, thank you emails, etc. are all available options. The Admin should only have options to upload a logo and write text to appear on that page. This is a different action entirely than setting up an opt-in/opt-out page, and thus, should have its own button.

It will make more sense if a customer has this as an entirely different action. Most customers do not want to give their recipients the option to opt-out of mailing lists, but they would like to have a branded polling response page. Its difficult to explain to them to go to Opt-Out, only fill out the Page title field, and ignore all of the rest. It also doesn't make sense why when the user clicks "Preview Opt-Out Page", it shows the opt-in/opt-out buttons, but not when the recipient gets it.

  • PoliteMail Paige
  • Jan 16 2024
  • Future consideration
  • Jan 16, 2024

    Admin response

    Internally submitted idea.

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