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Ability to manage subscription options for individual subscription mailing list

As of now there is no option to customize 'Subscription Opt-in' and 'Subscription Opt-out' settings and 'Subscription page' by the mailing list owners for their subscription mailing list. It's centrally managed by admins. There is no option to custom brand the subscription opt in and opt out pages for subscription mailing lists created by each business unit or region. Also the 'manage subscription page' list all of the subscription mailing lists within the instance and no option to restrict the listing for a certain region. For eg. One mailing list owner wants to use their business unit's logo and limit subscription only to users with their organizational email address (Internal mailing domain) and other subscription mailing list owner wants it to be un-restricted that anyone with any valid email address could subscribe. Some subscription mailing list owner would want to customize the text within the confirmation messages based on their use cases.

  • Laji Thomas
  • May 15 2024
  • Future consideration
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  • Admin
    Marlena Cahill commented
    15 May 09:05pm

    Thanks for sharing this feedback with us!